Bass traps are thicker and denser versions of our acoustic panels which are designed to absorb bass frequencies. Acoustic panels are designed mostly to absorb high- and mid-frequencies (human voices, treble, etc.) with some bass absorption (from 250 Hz to 4000 Hz). Our bass traps absorb high frequencies just as well as our standard panels, except they have the added advantage of being able to absorb much more of the lower frequencies. They help eliminate standing waves, dips and spikes that are notoriously prevalent in smaller rooms. So for example, if you notice that you have too much bass in one spot of the room, and very little in the sweet spot, you needs bass traps to calibrate the room lows and to give you as flat a low frequency as possible. This results in tighter punchier bass that does not overwhelm the rest of the instruments and sounds equally good no matter where you sit in the room.